The concept of property for the Guarani is very different than how it is understands in the involving society. The Guarani people do not consider them owner of the land, nor of that what lives on it. They understand that they received from God the right to use the land, and this should be done in a respectful and balanced way, without exploring, watched by the God and the other Guarani.

Without being considered owners of the land, the Guarani respect the territorial domain of the families in each tekoha. They don't invade or take advantage of the resources of the families without permission.

In the Guarani economy, the principle of solidarity cannot be seen in a collective way of living, in that all work together and are owners of everything. What exists is a moral obligation of helping whenever the other needs it, of receiving help when you need and participating happily with the work of another Guarani whenever the other needs it. This reciprocal way of helping is called JopĆ³i.

The generosity is one of the most important virtues in the Guarani society and a selfish person, which accumulates goods, for instance not sharing what he or she produces with the others, is criticized and marginalized.