The language of the Guarani people is one of the indigenous languages more spoken in the continent. According to the data of the national census of 2002, only in Paraguay already 60% of the population, about 3 million people, has Guarani as their main language. The Guarani language belongs to the linguistic trunk Tupi-Guarani, from where there branch another 21 languages.

The first dictionary of the language Guarani was written in 1639 by father Antonio Ruiz Montoya. Published in Madrid, the dictionary of 814 pages contains about 8100 words. Not by coincidence the publication translated to the Castilian received the name "Treasury of the Guarani language".

Today it is a great mystery to understand how an indigenous language, not using mass communication, has maintained itself alive with so much strength.

The uninterrupted process of transmitting the language generation to generation, through the oral tradition, the secular secrets of the economy of reciprocity, of the respect and balance with the environment and of the religiosity, has been the principal weapon of the resistance of the Guarani people.

The care for the word, their secrets, the valorization of the oratory inside the Guarani culture, makes that this people believe that their language was given by God. The word is a sacred expression for them. Because of this the Guarani found great strength in their language and culture, since the arrival of the Europeans. Even facing the prejudice of the involving society and the impositions of States through school education.

The Guarani language is spoken by the whole population.
Their first dictionary was written in 1639 by father Antonio Ruiz Montoya.